Communal Spaces


The Lodges offer two communal spaces, the Public House and the Pavilion, featuring a design that marries the best of minimalism and eclecticism, and invite guests to gather for a shared experience. An event space, the Cottage, is located just off the main property. All spaces can be reserved for private events and are perfect for a wedding party, office retreat or any other group occasion.

The Pavilion is available for $750 per day, the Public House at $500 per day.

Cottage event space rates (10am to 2am):
· Fridays and Saturdays, May-September 2018 = $600 per day (50 percent discount for full-property buyouts)
· Sundays through Thursdays, May-September 2018 = $300 per day (50 percent discount for full-property buyouts)
Should you buy out the entire property, the Pavilion and the Public House are included free of charge during your group’s stay.

Event Site Fee (for events that will include catering, additional seating/set-up)
Public House & Pavilion: $750
Pergola: $250

Public House & Pavilion (rental 10am-10pm): There is no charge for renting these spaces with a full property buyout (all 16 lodges), however there may be an event venue site fee, outlined above, should the group require additional seating, change in our standard furniture layout in Public House or Pavilion or includes catering on-site.

The Public House
Public House offers coffee and tea, an ice maker, plenty of refrigeration and a lounge room. Eat dinner at our oversized table or steal away to a corner to catch up on emails.

The Pavilion
The Pavilion, a great open-air space, is ideal for enjoying the breeze during the day and relaxing with a drink near the gas fireplace in the evening. Play guitar, watch the stars and enjoy a drink under the moonlight.

The Cottage
The Cottage is a bright, airy space with large windows and a vaulted ceiling. With a prep space, refrigeration, sink, dishwasher and bathroom, it has all the necessities for a wide range of events.